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Patrice Lawrence

UndocuBlack Network
Director, Policy and Advocacy
Patrice is the National Policy & Advocacy Director for the UndocuBlack Network where she leads the network’s advocacy efforts on immigrants’ rights, workers rights, and racial justice.
Greatly committed to social, racial, gender and immigration justice, Patrice works along with other civil rights groups, organizations, elected officials, and community members with the goals of transforming the realities of Black undocumented people.
Federal, State and local policies from the DREAM Act to Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to municipal IDs have real significance for human beings in their communities. It is time that those directly impacted lead the charge on what they need to thrive. There is no power like people power and the might of the UndocuBlack Network is a testament to that.
Patrice is a Jamaican, a Jamerican and a lover of life. She firmly believes that the sum of one’s experiences makes them whole regardless of their immigration status. Follow her recent political musings on Twitter @Undocublack_Pat .