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Mŭthoni Wambu Kraal

EMILY’s List
Vice President of National Outreach and Training
Mŭthoni Wambu Kraal is the Vice President of National Outreach and Training where she oversees the implementation of EMILY’s List training programs and developing strategic partnerships.
Raised by two passionate educators who met through community activism, she attributes her interest in politics to parental osmosis (i.e. she could hold protests signs before she could walk).
While at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raising money for candidates, Wambu Kraal learned about campaigns and the importance of fundraising.  She also saw how underrepresented groups in Congress—especially people of color and women—weren’t keeping up with the growing influence of money in elections. So she co-opened a woman-owned political fundraising firm.
She has over two decades of political experience including serving as the Deputy Political Director for then-U.S. Senator Joe Biden; Deputy Campaign Manager for Kay Hagan on her winning U.S. Senate race; and 7 years on the state and local team at EMILY’s List.
A graduate of Howard University with a B.A. in journalism, Wambu Kraal resides in Washington, DC with her husband and son, who is influenced by the same parental osmosis as she was — he’s been standing with women before he could physically stand.