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Renee Harrison

Black Girls Do Theater
Founder, Actress
New York, NY
Black Girls + Theater = Lit ASF

Founder of Black Girls Do Theater, a curation of culture and performance for women and girls interested in the theatrical art form. Through online and live engagement, Black Girls Do Theater aims to create a space for artists to commune, exchange ideas, and engage in conversation about their craft.
Friday, June 1

8:30am EDT

9:30am EDT

9:35am EDT

11:05am EDT

12:05pm EDT

1:20pm EDT

2:07pm EDT

2:42pm EDT

3:20pm EDT

4:35pm EDT

4:45pm EDT

5:10pm EDT

5:45pm EDT

Saturday, June 2

7:15am EDT

8:30am EDT

9:50am EDT

10:05am EDT

10:50am EDT

11:15am EDT

12:17pm EDT

2:55pm EDT

3:20pm EDT

3:25pm EDT

5:00pm EDT

5:05pm EDT

6:25pm EDT

Sunday, June 3

12:00pm EDT